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To ensure we bring you this gift from nature in its purest form, O1 is accessed, filtered and sanitized in accordance with the most stringent international standards, and bottled using fully automated technology, free of human contact.




The filtration and sterilization system uses polished food-grade stainless steel and the architecture of all the parts and components is designed for efficient Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) technology. There are no sand or carbon filters; only micro-filters made of advanced materials designed specifically for the beverage industry, and Titanium ultra-filters using cutting edge nanotechnology. The terminal processing includes UV sterilization.




The 5 gallon filling line operates in a “Clean Room” environment to protect against secondary contamination using HEPA filters. The floors are food-grade epoxy. With access limited to the Plant Operator and Quality Control Manager in sanitized protective gear, the production area is restricted for your protection.

The bottle is specifically designed for its elegant looks and scientific shape for effective cleaning to bring you O1 free of contamination. Bottles are externally and internally washed in a multi-step cycle, filled and then automatically capped and sealed with sterilized components to achieve aseptic production.




O1 bottles are delivered to your doorstep in custom designed delivery vans to ensure these reach you fresh and clean, protected from exposure to the elements and urban pollution on their journey.